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NB Kids PreK

NB Kids is a thriving nursery and pre-school ministry for PreK2 to PreK4. It is fun, vibrant, and interactive. During NB Kids, the children are taught a balanced curriculum where they can enjoy wholesome activities to help them grow up in God. They participate in an active time of high energy praise and worship. Bible lessons are conveyed using dynamic demonstrations, skits, puppets, and movies, which make learning easy, fun, and memorable.

The children also interact with games, crafts, puzzles, and have a snack time. Here at New Beginnings church, we believe these classes are a vital part to a child’s spiritual development, providing them with a strong foundation for their present lives and to prepare them for their God-given destiny.

(NB Kids meets every Sunday at 10 a.m.)

NB Kids

NB Kids is a thriving children’s church for ages k5 to 5th. It is a cutting-edge dynamic and diverse kidz ministry, helping them connect with their personal faith journey in a fun and safe atmosphere. During NB Kids, the kids learn relevant Biblical truths from God’s Word, through the use of state-of-the art multi-media, which are applicable to their lives. Biblical truths are reinforced through interactive dynamic demonstrations, skits, puppets, mascot, and movies, which make learning easy, fun, and memorable. The kidz make crafts and play active games to further learning.

Children are not only a precious gift from the Lord; they are the leaders and ministers of the next generation. At New Beginnings Church, we seek to nurture, train, and equip them for their God-given destiny by giving them a strong Christian foundation which is vital to their spiritual development.

(NB Kids meets every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.)

NB Youth

NB Youth (NB Youth) is a cutting-edge ministry geared towards teens (middle school and high school). We believe that this generation will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to bring a revival of revolutionary proportion to this land. Our desire is to see teenagers set ablaze by the fire of God and then, let loose on a lost and dying world.

NB Youth equips this generation to do just that by bringing them into an atmosphere in our services where they can encounter God. We believe that if they are immersed in the presence of God their lives will be changed forever and they will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. So, our services always include dynamic Biblical teachings from our pastoral staff, as well as, contemporary and passionate worship from our NB Youth band. Disciple making is also at the heart of NB Youth. Because of this, we make sure every person attending is given personal attention from our leaders and feels connected to other NB Youth members through small group settings and devotional times.

These times of discipleship and mentoring give our youth a strong foundation in the Word and provide for them the stability of a church family to combat whatever chaos they may be personally facing. The topics discussed in the small group devotions and in our larger Student Services are applicable to their daily lives and address challenges to help them to grow stronger in Christ.

In addition to all this, NB Youth provides many exciting events for the youth of our local community, such as game nights, movie nights, annual encounters, group dinners, basketball tournaments, ping pong competitions, and more.

NB Youth meets every Wednesday night at 7 PM for Bible Study.

For more information please contact: Brian Rivera

Revolution Youth & Youth Adults


New Beginnings Church offers a strong men’s ministry, where men of all ages meet to explore God’s Word on a deeper level. Through these meetings, men are given insight ont how to be Godly husbands, what it means to be the head of their households, how to prepare themselves for their future wives, how to be successful in all they do, how to Biblically handle their finances, how to balance their family life and their career, how to be true worshippers of God, how to pray and intercede, how to have emotional integrity, and how to build healthy lasting relationships.

Strongman is made up of a group of men who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They boldly share their faith in God as they encourage one another to “be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” When men stand strong, the church is strong. These men have been raised up to take their rightful places as Kings and Priests in the House of the Lord. Truly, these men are powerful leaders in the Kingdom of God!

When Strongman fellowships together, they experience true bonding, friendship and camaraderie. They enjoy a variety of events and activities such as men’s conferences, men’s prayer breakfasts, bowling, basketball, golf and barbecues.

For more information please contact: Bryant Fowler at

Legacy Ladies

New Beginnings Church offers a dynamic ladies’ ministry. Our ladies’ ministry focuses on preparing women of all ages to be servants in the kingdom of God: strong, devoted and virtuous women of faith. Our meetings are geared toward teaching women how purity, beauty, strength, courage and a life of virtue are described in the Word of God. In these meetings, our women are given an intimate setting in which they feel free to share and to bond with one another. Our women have experienced emotional and spiritual healing through the discussions and the life changing word that is presented during our times together.

Besides gathering to receive from God’s Word, our women have enjoyed many special activities, which have allowed them to develop greater and stronger relationships with one another. Just a few of these activities or events include Conferences, Retreats, Ladies’ Night Out, High Teas, Luncheons, Brunches, Spa Days, Sleep-overs, etc. One of the greatest honors of our ladies’ ministry is to host regional conferences where women from every denomination, come together in unity, to experience God’s tangible presence and glory. These conferences and general meetings with the relevant messages, create an atmosphere in which our ladies bond and are strengthened in their faith enabling them to empower future generations!